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Forbes Collaborates With Blockchain Based Online Journalism Platform

Online journalism is about to witness a progressive transformation with the help of blockchain technology. International business media house Forbes has collaborated with blockchain-based company Civil to publish their content on a network which is decentralized. The official announcement of this partnership was unveiled a day before by the Civil’s co-founder Matt Coolidge. This partnership can be termed as one of the biggest blockchain endorsements for the media industry which will bring in a potential change in this ecosystem.

According to the official announcement, Forbes will be implementing Civil’s software within their content management system which is also dubbed as CMC. The journalists of the media house will be able to upload their content and data on to the network of blockchain powered Civil as we all posting it on their home website simultaneously. However, this will not begin immediately but the process will start from early next year and will closely monitor the progress. (Via Join Civil)

U.S. business news outlet, Forbes has been prevalent in the market since 1917 and serves more than 120 million readers across the world through their main edition and local online journalism pieces. As per the latest update, the integration will originally begin with publishing metadata from its crypto desk and such related news items. However, if everything goes well Forbes might experiment more with the other new pieces as well as mentioned by Coin Telegraph.

Media And Blockchain Technology

In another update, it is unveiled that Civil has also partnered with other global media agency Associated Press which is planning to implement blockchain for supporting ethical journalism, intellectual rights and tracking content usage. In addition to this, Associated Press is also going to store their content in the blockchain network of Civil for a trial period.

Online journalism will gain an accelerated momentum in reaching fact paced competition of news business making it more efficient and secure than ever before with the help of blockchain technology.

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