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FITX ICO Uses Stock Market And Crypto Market

FITX ICO is the first of its kind that uses the stock market as well as the cryptocurrency market. The platform has a mission of supporting people so that they can invest their assets in a secure manner in the digital currency market.

The platform adopts a unique strategy of indexing two different markets – the cryptocurrency market and the stock market. These are two distinct markets altogether and has an investment cap of up to a whopping 20 trillion dollars.

Many experts consider FITX as the safest digital currency investment funds, enjoying the highest stability level in the market. The reason is it hedges about 90 percent of the funds in stock markets in a safe manner.

Such an act minimizes risks that may pop up otherwise due to the volatility of the digital asset market and increases its safety. It also improves the fund profitability in the securities market that is regarded as more stable and liquid.

FITX’s own algorithm is based on artificial intelligence and probability theory, which assist the platform to select the companies, which are most promising among the available 1500 crypto assets pertaining to growth.

The earnings gathered from the FITX ICO is reinvested into the portfolio of the platform. The exercise increases the fund’s capitalization as a whole and also improves the token’s value, according to a report on Bitcoin Exchange Guide.

FITX ICO’s Funds Will Be Invested In Stocks

As mentioned earlier, an important merit of this project is that it is a stable and secure fund as 90 percent of the fund’s assets are put into securities. As such, they cannot be replaced, hacked, or stolen by hackers or other cyber criminals.

The ICO is highly safe as the stock market operates independently of the digital assets market. Additionally, the selected investment tool enables the growth of the token. Around 60 percent of the fund returns are reinvested to increase the capitalization of the fund, newsBTC reported.

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