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FinTech Firm Dunamu Announces $46 Million Investments

A FinTech firm called Dunamu has made an announcement of investing 55+ billion won ($46 million). The FinTech firm Dunamu and an investment subsidiary called Dunamu & Partners invested the funds. Investments are done into 26 blockchain companies.

A three-year investment plan was already announced in March 2018. The investment plan is worth 100 billion won. The investment subsidiary Dunamu & Partners was also set up in March 2018. Three investment micro-trends are highlighted. All three trends will be a focus for 2019.

A FinTech firm called Rainist, Dalcom Soft is a company known for its global Superstar rhythm game series, a lending platform called Honest Fund, a blockchain company called Finhaven, a multichannel network company called Sandbox Network, an online travel service firm called Tide Square, and a price-stable cryptocurrency-based payment network called Terra are all included.

The investment subsidiary Dunamu & Partners had made a partnership with a game developer called Neptune in April 2018. 100 billion won investment funds were dedicated to those games which are based on the blockchain through the partnership.

The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) at Dunamu and Partners Ryan Lee said, “Our goal is to contribute to the healthy growth of the blockchain ecosystem by actively investing in startups with world-class technology and services with potential for real-life implementation.”

The company said, “Dunamu and Dunamu & Partners’ strategy of identifying and investing in innovative tech and finance startups, regardless of size, stage and region will continue in 2019,” The Investor reported.

The FinTech firm Dunamu is an operator of a crypto exchange called Upbit. It was set up in April 2012. It is located in Seoul, Korea. It is recognized as the leading FinTech company across the nation. It has set up the crypto exchange Upbit in October 2017. At current, Upbit is recognized as South Korea’s largest crypto exchanges, according to the official LinkedIn account of Upbit operated by Dunamu Inc.

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Shabnam Dhar is a Copy Editor for OWLT Market.

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