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FinTech Company OpenFin Raises $17 M In Series C Funding Round To Create OpenFin OS Ubiquitous On Financial Desktops

OpenFin is a FinTech company who has raised $17 million in a Series C funding round. A total amount of venture funding of the company is now $40 million due to the Series C funding round. 

An OpenFin OS ubiquitous on financial desktops will be created through the funds. The funds won’t only be used for the creation of the OpenFin OS ubiquitous on the financial desktops, but the funds will also be used for product innovation. OpenFin new cloud services offering is included. Wealth managers, banks, hedge funds, and asset managers will be enabled for providing their own private app stores.

A financial services company called Wells Fargo led the funding round. Barclays, Bain Capital Ventures, J.P. Morgan, and Pivot Investment Partners took part in the funding round.

The FinTech company OpenFin is actually an operating system (OS) of finance. It has its offices in places like New York and London.

The Head of Digital and Client Strategy at Barclays Investment Bank Brett Tejpaul said, “Agility and interoperability are core pillars of our digital strategy because time is a precious resource, especially in a banking environment. OpenFin accelerates our innovation cycle and allows us to create better workflows, enabling our colleagues and clients to make more productive use of their time. We are pleased to support the company which is a leader in the industry with its open source model and its commitment to industry collaboration.”

The financial services company Wells Fargo is located in San Francisco, California. It was set up in 1852. It has offices in more than 30 countries and territories. Satisfying financial needs of customers is a vision of Wells Fargo. Helping the customers to succeed financially is also their vision, according to the official LinkedIn account of Wells Fargo.

Fast & secure deployment, native experience, and desktop interoperability are enabled through the FinTech company OpenFin, PR Newswire reported.

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Shabnam Dhar is a Copy Editor for OWLT Market.

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