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Fintech Company Monerium ehf To Eliminate Needs For Intermediaries

Monerium ehf is a FinTech company who will eliminate needs for intermediaries. The company obtained a license from an Iceland-based single supervisory authority for the financial sector called Financial Supervisory Authority. The main purpose of obtaining the license is to issue e-money on blockchains with the help of Monerium EMI ehf. Monerium EMI ehf is a subsidiary of Monerium ehf.

Whereas the main purpose of issuing e-money on the blockchains is to eliminate the needs for the intermediaries. Providing the ability for automating transactions in multiple sectors is one more purpose behind the issuing of e-money. Payments, trade finance, securities settlement, and e-commerce are the sectors. A vision of Satoshi Nakamoto is stated to be extended to a regulated form of digital fiat currency by e-money.

Monerium ehf. is the legal name of Monerium. Partnering with distributed application developers and blockchain platform providers is a plan of the Fintech Company Monerium. Whereas making e-money available to consumers and enterprises internationally is a purpose behind the plan.

The former chairman of the supervisory board of a government department called the Central Bank of Iceland is Jon Helgi Egilsson. An announcement of the license was done by Jon Helgi Egilsson at The Future of Money: Central Bank Digital Currency Conference in Stockholm on June 15, 2019.

Jon Helgi Egilsson is also the Chairman and the Co-founder of Monerium. He has his educational background in areas like engineering, economics, and finance. He has five years of experience in the global financial markets. Financial Engineering, Business Development, Strategy, Innovation, Startups, Investor, Business Angel, Entrepreneur, Management, Fintech, Blockchain are the specialties of Jon Helgi Egilsson, according to the official LinkedIn account of Jon Helgi Egilsson.

The Fintech company Monerium was set up in the year 2015. A team who has multiple backgrounds set up the company. The team members are from central banking, finance, blockchain, and cloud services. Making digital currency accessible, secure, and simple in transactions is a mission of Monerium, BusinessWire reported.

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