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FinTech Company GoldGram Pte. Ltd Introduces GoldGramCoin; KaratGold Pte. Ltd Introduces KaratGold Coin

GoldGram Pte. Ltd. is a FinTech company who has introduced a new digital currency called GoldGramCoin (GGC). The new digital currency is supported by 99.99% fine gold. A technology called Ethereum and Hyperledger-based proprietary private blockchain technology is used for the creation of GGC.

Users can redeem the new digital currency GCC whenever they want. GCC can be purchased, sold or redeemed at live prices. It has high tradeability and liquidity. It is operated on a completely automated system. It is inextricably and intrinsically linked with the underlying gold. All these are features of GCC. Information related to GGC will be stored by GoldGram using Hyperledger components.

The FinTech company GoldGram Pte Ltd is located in Singapore. It was set up by Mark Diekmann, Laurence Cross, and Steffen Gemuenden in 2018.

A GCC is pegged to 1 gram of gold. The value of the GCC won’t be plunged below the value of 1-gram of Gold. A peace-of-mind is provided in a volatile world. Not only the peace-of-mind is provided, but the stability is also provided. GGC is connected to a prepaid card through an e-wallet. The integration of the prepaid card is done into the Point of Sale (POS) system. Traders can spend GGC like a native currency. They can use ATM to withdraw GCC in cash. During prepaid card transactions, they can convert GGC into the native currency at a live gold price, according to the official LinkedIn account of GoldGram Pte, Ltd.

All three founders of GoldGram Pte Ltd have a deep understanding of finance, precious metals, and trading technology, PR Newswire reported.

KaratGold Pte. Ltd is also a FinTech company who has introduced a digital currency called KaratGold Coin (KBC). KBC is actually a blockchain-based cryptocurrency. It is exchangeable for real gold. Karatbars GmbH is located in Stuttgart, Germany. It has sold the smallest gold bars to 500,000+ customers across 120+ countries. These customers made a total investment of almost EUR 120 million, according to the official LinkedIn account of KaratGold Pte. Ltd.

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