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FinTech Company Bithumb Global Launches Global Exchange Service

A FinTech company called Bithumb Global who has launched a global exchange service. A wide range of fiat currency trading pairs will be incorporated. Perpetual futures trading will also be incorporated.

Users can trade perpetual futures with test money through Open Beta version. Risks are reduced. Users gain trading experience. They can adjust leverage almost 100x. A responsive environment is provided. Trading strategies and realize leveraged returns will be implemented through the environment.

Users can take participation in perpetual trading and complete Know Your Customer (KYC) steps to gain almost $90 BUSD. They can also take part in an event called exclusive airdrop event by depending on the trading activity level.

The FinTech company Bithumb Global runs an OTC desk called ORTUS. The global exchange service launched is seemed to be the continued growth in the presence of Bithumb Global in the cryptocurrency market globally.

One of the representatives of the crypto exchange Bithumb said, “We are expanding into U.K., CanadaAustraliaJapanHong Kong and 10 additional jurisdictions. Our service will include cryptocurrency exchanges, security token offerings, blockchain based project incubation, and ultimately culminating into a technology driven techfin, financial service institution,” PRNewswire reported.

The FinTech company Bithumb Global doesn’t only run the OTC desk, but also runs a decentralized exchange Bithumb DEX. The decentralized exchange Bithumb DEX was set up in 2018. It is located in Hong Kong. BGEX Ltd set up the company. A platform called alternative trading platform is provided through Bithumb DEX. The platform is available for those investors and traders who are blockchain technology enthusiasts. Assets are stored and transferred on the blockchain. Security inherent is leveraged in the blockchain. The Bithumb team has experts from IT, finance and crypto-exchange related businesses, according to the official website of Bithumb.

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Shabnam Dhar is a Copy Editor for OWLT Market.

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