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Fintech And Data Company Digital Assets Data And Soma Obtain Funds

Digital Assets Data is a fintech and data company who has made an announcement of raising $6 million in a funding round. Distributed Global along with other investors like Digital Currency Group (DCG), Galaxy Digital, Jump Capital, CMT Digital, Morgan Creek, and Ritholtz Wealth Management CEO Joshua Brown took part in the funding round.

The funds will be used to create a platform for crypto data. The funds won’t only be used for the creation of the platform, but also will be used for the offering of institutional-grade information and insights to customers [family offices, asset management research firms, and crypto hedge funds].

The VP of Investments of Digital Currency Group (DCG) Travis Scher said, “Digital Assets Data provides market participants with a comprehensive set of data that will enable them to make informed decisions. We are happy to support the Digital Assets Data team as they continue to fill this market need and expand the platform’s service offerings.”

DCG is an industry-leading firm set up in 2015. Supporting blockchain and cryptocurrency companies in the fast-tracking of the enhanced financial system creation is an aim of the firm. It has already helped crypto exchanges like Coinbase, Circle, and Ripple in their growth and advancements.

The fintech and data company Digital Assets Data is designed to create enterprise-grade software and data feeds.

A blockchain startup called SOMA who has also made an announcement of closing €1.1M in a bridge funding round. The Finnish Government and private angel investors took part in the funding round.

The bridge funds will be used for the performance of the market research, the acquirement of users and the iteration on products.

The co-founder of SOMA Jukka Hilmola said, “These funds will empower SOMA to continue our strong growth trajectory. SOMA is in a very good position going forward.”

The blockchain startup SOMA is located in Helsinki, Finland. It is designed for the integration of social interactions, e-commerce, authentication and tracking of items, PR Newswire reported.

Family offices, research firms, global consulting firms, crypto hedge funds, banks, sovereigns, etc. are provided with the enterprise-grade software and data feeds of the fintech and data company Digital Assets Data, GlobeNewswire reported.

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Shabnam Dhar is a Copy Editor for OWLT Market.

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