FedEx And Hyperledger Open-Source Project To Evolve Global Blockchain’s Usage In Logistics

FedEx recently joined hands with Hyperldeger to evolve global blockchain usage in transportation, supply chains, and logistics. FedEx is an American courier delivery services company which now has joined the 270 members who are collaborating with the open source project company that focuses on improving cross-industry blockchain technologies.

Hosted by Linux Foundation, Hyperledger helps organizations build industry grade applications, hardware systems, and platforms based on blockchain to facilitate individual business transactions. According to the Executive Director of Hyperledger, Brian Behlendorf, their community ranges from technology giants to leaders in the industry from service providers, academics, and startups. He further added that his company is gaining traction all over the world from industries in all the verticals including finance, healthcare, government, and logistics.

Behlendorf thinks that this diversity and growth in blockchain technology indicates the increasing recognition and strategic value that blockchain enterprises are getting as well as the way in which world is slowly committing itself to adopt and developing open source frameworks for driving new business models.

After joining Hyperledger, FedEx has now become a part of global blockchain team that includes big names such as Intel, IBM, Deutsche Boerse, and J.P. Morgan. According to the Senior Vice President, IT, FedEx Services, Kevin Humphries, blockchain technologies has big implications in the field of logistics, and transportation said CoinTelegraph.

Apart from Hyperledger FedEx has also teamed up with the Blockchain in Transport Alliance (BiTA). It is a focus group which also includes members such as GE transportation, JD Logistics, and BNSF. BiTA is focused on improving security and transparency in the field of shipping with due help from blockchain technology.

Hyperledger is a multi-stakeholder, multi-project company including 10 distributed ledger and blockchain technologies. According to Cision, some of the members that have recently joined Hyperledger include BetaBlocks, Cardstack, Labs, Honeywell International, Blockchain Educators, Peer Ledger, Wanchain, and more.

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