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Fast-growing word-of-mouth marketing platform connects digital token for its 20,000+ users

Rally, the marketplace that rewards users for word-of-mouth recommendations, has unveiled the Rally Token onto Ethereum’s public network. Users have already capitalized on its offering, with 10m Rally tokens distributed and 70,000 transactions conducted in the first three months since launch for sharing links with their friends.

The 20,000+ user-strong marketplace democratizes the relationship between brands, users and advertising platforms by rewarding users directly for their word-of-mouth marketing activities. Rally’s ecosystem is driven by the smart-contract Rally Token, ensuring a universal, fast and secure method for transactions.

Rally’s transformation onto the Ethereum blockchain means that anyone can create an account with Rally and receive tokens for any embedded link shared on public or private messaging platforms, such as Facebook, WhatsApp or email. With each ‘action’, users are rewarded via an integrated and dedicated digital wallet. Actions can include a ‘share’, ‘like’, ‘post’, ‘follow’ or purchase; dependent upon the platform in use.

Rally utilizes the most effective marketing communications model: word-of-mouth. Research shows that only 25% of people buy-in to advertising, yet 83% of people would follow a brand recommendation from a friend. As a result, word-of-mouth generates twice as many sales compared paid-for campaigns, and achieves greater brand loyalty.

James Cashiola, the founder of Rally, commented:

“We created Rally to overturn the current dysfunctional ad revenue model, which sees little reward given to users, who are core to the scalability of businesses through brand adoption. By disrupting this model, brands will benefit from greater loyalty from their customers and a more authentic relationship to drive growth.

“The connection of our token onto the Ethereum blockchain is fundamental for the development of our business and allows users to truly benefit from our offering. Blockchain democratizes the traditional marketing model and creates a rewarding and direct relationship between brands and users.”

Rally’s fast growth is demonstrated by 20,000+ users having activated an account on the platform in three months since launch, at an average increase of 300 users per day. The usage time of Rally’s platform has also doubled over the past month and it has already seen more than half of its users benefit from ‘actions’ in links shared.

Cashiola added:

“Rally is the genesis of its own marketing model – proving the success of organic word-of-mouth marketing initiatives. We’ve grown rapidly and amassed a large user-base since launch, purely through peer-to-peer recommendations.

“Our commitment to transparency is only possible through the blockchain, allowing for a frictionless and secure method of rewards.”

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