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Exchangecoin Launches Xult, Designed For Crypto Traders

The ExchangeCoin team recently announced that they are functioning on a new cryptocurrency exchange named as Xult. When finalized they will be able to provide complex services featured on the exchange platform to crypto traders. The new exchange will be motorized by their exchange, EXCC.

The team will make a platform which has multifarious services for crypto traders. The Xult launch is planned for the Q4 2018. The new decentralized exchange will function on EXCC, it will be made on the EXCC blockchain. The coin will be used for special services and to get rights on the platform as well. The EXCC coin will even be used as a trading pair for currencies listed on the platform.

EXCC blockchain was recently made highly secure by implementing the PoW and PoS hybrid consensus. According to Sylwester Szczepanek CEO, working on the centralized exchange started a couple of months ago. At present, it is only a few months left before the launch so the company is happy to share the news.

He further added that the second quarter of 2018 has made several changes to the company in business policy, marketing and the development of new solutions and products.

About ExchangeCoin (EXCC)

The ExchangeCoin was established in 2017 to offer finance in support of an idea to build a decentralized exchange platform. The platform was established to provide services to professional and semi-professional cryptocurrency traders. The ExchangeCoin is one of the best cryptocurrencies with a value reflected in the features of real products. It is similar to the traditional market and stock exchange setting.

As reported by Bitcoin, recently the company has also released the new wallet Exilibrium, which can be used to stake EXCC tokens and assist the ecosystem to work. For 2019, there is lots to come, including the first version of a decentralized exchange platform.

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