Ethereum Blockchain Gaming Platform CryptoFights Features Serverless Gameplay

CryptoFights, an upcoming Ethereum blockchain-based mobile crypto game from Thoughts in Motion, will feature serverless gameplay.

The game will utilize ERC1155 technology based on EnjinCoin’s Ethereum (ETH). ENJ coin will back the in-game items in CryptoFights and also apply P2P trading similar to other ERC721 or ERC20 token.

With the introduction of CryptoFights, Thoughts in Motion introduced some revolutionary changes in the world of gaming. The pending Pre-Sale and rolling out of the game based on blockchain technology has indeed sent shivers of shock among the gamers. The gaming studio has ensured that gamers on CryptoFights platform can join MultiVerse which is a place that allows gamers to cross onto different other gaming platforms and take along with them different fighters, weapons, and avatars from the game.

The end-to-end blockchain fighting game will create certain in-game items adopting Enjin Coin and standard of the next-generation ERC-1155 token. Users can use the Enjin Wallet to manage and store their respective items for both viewings as well as trading. The process allows the users to buy, sell, or trade with any gamer online as well as accept or trade any items using cryptocurrency or even using cash.

In this Ethereum blockchain-based platform of CryptoFights, players will own all the game items. The game has eliminated centralization by using Smart Contracts which is a major contribution of blockchain technology. Even though it is not owned by anybody, the stakeholder will have right over it. In this way, the items cannot be cheated or stolen, says KryptoMoney. Users can buy the items using in-game gold which they can obtain by winning matches and also by receiving rewards. Another way to obtain in-game gold is by purchasing directly.

Another game is by creating a ripple in the gaming space and that is Ethereum blockchain-based game, HashCraft which is a revolutionary mix of No Man’s Sky and Minecraft, says Finder. The game has been announced relatively in much hush-hush because of the popular belief that blockchain gaming is launched in relative secrecy. Just like CryptoFights, this game also gives the players ownership of their items or data since it is also based on the decentralized blockchain technology.

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