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Essential Commodity Prices May Soar If Truckers Continue Strike

The strike of transporters in India is making things harder for the government in terms of commodity prices. It is believed that the adamant strike of the truckers is going to affect the prices of the daily essentials. It is estimated that about 80 percent of trucks have gone off the road due the strike and the flow of commercial traffic has nearly reduced to one-fourth of the daily commutation.

According to The Times of India, the government officials stated that the traffic flow reduced by approximately 8 percent on the first day of the strike. It further declined to about 25-26 percent in the next few days. On the other side, the government fears the rising prices of the essential commodity sector in the upcoming days.

A government official stated that the loss due to the strike has not yet been estimated. It is also noted that the government is making efforts to end the strike. The senior cabinet ministers Nitin Gadkari and Piyush Goyal held a meeting with truckers association to address their issues. However, the association went on with the strike, perhaps, it can be assumed to say that the meeting failed. The government fears the rise in the price of the day-to-day commodity.

Although the prices have not shown any major change in the last week despite the continuation of the strike which is validated by the data unveiled through consumer ministry. The strike is not yet joined by the transporters carrying vegetables and essential commodity as of now. Perhaps, they might join the association in the issues of the strike.

What Are Their Demands?

The truckers have made a demand of removing toll barriers from the highways, which has been clearly rejected by the government. Another demand of daily revision of diesel price has also not been accepted. However, their demand for tax- relief is under consideration and yet to be addressed.

It really gets better if everything goes back to normal or else there will be a constant fear of commodity price hike within consumers.

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