Escort Services To Start Accepting Cryptocurrency For Payment

PinkDate, a startup escort services company, power-driven by cryptocurrency is fighting trafficking in the most extraordinary way.

The US government has caused a great deal of harm to sex workers after it passed the anti-trafficking’ laws, known as SESTA and FOSTA. These badly written laws have made the escorts vulnerable as many third-party websites and tools that were being used to find and verify safe clients have now shut down, thanks to the SESTA/FOSTA laws which has made it illegal for a website to promote or even facilitate (that includes even ‘accidentally’) anything that has to do with escorting.

PinkDate raises money using a security token share ICO. The startup will provide an all-in-one global escorting platform which will install encryption, crypto, and anonymity. The company is designed in such a way that it is operational globally, including countries where the government is not too supportive of these kinds of operations.

PinkDate provides an extremely unique and secure platform through its ethical approach and advanced technology thereby helping save lives of clients and especially the sex workers since it requires both parties to be verified. The verification process takes care of the age factor and keeps sex trafficking at bay.

How SESTA/FOSTA affects sex workers?

Claiming to fight sex traffickers, the government passed the SESTA/FOSTA which is applicable to all escorting websites. It is now illegal for any site to promote escorting in any manner.
Many popular escorting websites and escort advertisement platforms including Backpage and Cityvibe closed down after the passage of these new laws. Many other forums which functioned as help sites for sex workers have shut down as well.

Thanks to this new startup escort services company accepting cryptocurrency as payment, sex workers can once again advertise, scan, verify and book from behind the safety of the internet.

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