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Epoch Partners Strengthen Its Presence In Cryptocurrency Market By Unveiling First IPO Of A Digital Currency

Since the starting of this year, there has been a huge upheaval in the cryptocurrency market such as the recent crypto crash in the previous month including the commencement of trading in Bitcoin futures on the Chicago Board Options Exchange (CBOE). Even Intercontinental Exchange (owner of the New York Stock Exchange) announced the establishment of a new subsidiary in association with Starbucks and Microsoft to offer federally-regulated trading of Bitcoin and other digital assets.

During this high time when so many things have popped up in the virtual currency industry, Epoch Partners Limited has forayed into the creation of the planet’s first retail public offering of a cryptocurrency and digital assets-related fund. A strict set of legal guidelines is being followed by the Cayman Islands-headquartered company regarding its public offer such as the Securities Registration Statement for the fund was filed on EDINET. This (EDINET) is the disclosure system of the Japanese Financial Service Agency as on dated September 28, 2018. The size of the subscription is expected to be around US$900 million.

Being a leader and pathfinder in the digital currency and digital asset space, Japan can be called the first market to create a proper regulatory framework for cryptocurrencies and a global pioneer in this arena. According to Epoch Partners’ managing partner James Skinner, undertaking the world’s first public offering of a cryptocurrency fund in Japan has been quite influencing. Venturing of Goldman Sachs and Nomura into space proves a tremendous potential in this area, Skinner further added, as reported in the press release aired by Cision PR Newswire. As far as funding is concerned, Tokyo-headquartered Teneo Partners is said to be funding the project. The company will sell the fund in association with other security firms in Japan.

According to Forex News Now, Epoch Partners have expressed their interest to venture in the cryptocurrency market just because Nomura and Goldman Sachs had commenced looking at the entire industry with more favorable eye. This makes a more welcoming future for the digital currencies on their trading portfolios.

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