EOS PRO A Blockchain Startup Launches EOSIO Distributed Infrastructure

Blockchain-based startup EOS PRO announces its launch, offering enterprise-grade distributed infrastructure using powerful and high-speed EOSIO open source blockchain software.

The group offers both public and private distributed networks, maintained by permission, vetted enterprise-grade nodes equipped to provide business-ready security, scalability, performance, and support.

The team is gearing up to launch its EOS PRO Public Blockchain in Q4 of 2018, right for professional deployment of public-facing, transparent dispersed applications demanding performance, affordability, and predictableness in the cost of deployment. Their public blockchain organizes an ad hoc configuration of the EOSIO software hosted by an enterprise-grade distributed network of nodes.

EOS PRO also deals a complete suite of enterprise explanations, such as orchestration of private distributed architecture that can be optionally hosted by trusted nodes, appropriate for applications needing decentralized data validation, while preserving data privacy, safety, and consistency.

According to Co-founder Gee Sivalingam EOSIO software can gauge transaction throughout to see real demand. Its tough blockchain software can copy centralized experiences in a decentralized environment.

EOS PRO aims to make this advanced software available in a business-friendly environment, as well as to deliver hands-on solutions to tasks affecting conventional and enterprise adoption of blockchain technology.

The team selected to work with the EOSIO software for its highly original features which include an inter-blockchain message, supple permissions and equivalent transaction implementation that can possibly scale to a limitless amount of transactions per minute. The software continues to be developed by with an 11-year vested interest, led by experienced blockchain architect Dan Larimer who has a long track record of fruitful blockchain presentations.

As revealed exclusively to CoinDesk, EOS PRO which was founded in 2018. The most powerful infrastructure for decentralized applications with a goal of carrying real use and adoption to blockchain through the enterprise-grade deployment of EOSIO software. Its team is comprised of blockchain technologists, business executives, lawyers, and advisers.

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