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English Premier League Soccer Clubs To Launch New Crypto ICO

A couple of football clubs belonging to the English Premier League are all set to come up with a new crypto ICO. Both these clubs are badly in need of funds.

SportyCo had previously entered into a partnership with Avaí Futebol Clube for raising funds amounting to around 20 million USD through the public sale of their AVAI tokens. The firm is also the main sponsor of a top football team of the world called Espanyol.

Both the European Premier League clubs will be able to start selling their private digitized tokens. When interested participants will buy those tokens, they can get a stake in the revenue of the clubs or get some extra advantages for using their tokens on purchases related to games.

Cardiff City and Newcastle United, two of the football teams in the English Premier League are apparently having a discussion with a decentralized sports funding and investment firm called SportyCo. Both these teams want to introduce their own ICO as they are in serious financial crisis.

Cardiff City and Newcastle United have both acknowledged that their survival is at stake due to lower budgets and severe cash crunch, CCN reported.

Interesting Correlation Between Crypto ICO And Football Clubs

There seems to be a great correlation between the digital currency space and the Premier League football clubs lately. Previously in this season, seven football clubs had signed a deal with eToro related to advertising. As a part of the deal, the advertisements of the trading platform will be showcased when the teams play in their hometowns.

Buying this new crypto ICO token will also offer many benefits to the fans of both these clubs. These tokens will give access to certain football-related discounts to the fans. The clubs can be also hopeful of securing extra funding for their future player transfers and survival in the Premier League, according to Live Bitcoin News.

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