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Emerging Technologies Revolutionize Copyrighting Regulations In Literature

Emerging technologies like blockchain have brought in a revolutionary change in the field is banking, technology, energy and supply chain sectors. But the unique features of this ledger form are applicable in several other domains as well which includes copyrighting. All the creative forms come under certain rules and regulations which are globally applicable for certain areas. One such challenge is to protect the copyrights of such creative forms like online literature.

In the age of the internet, there are numerous opportunities available for the writer to make their work publish not just in hardcover but in the online format also. A writer can very easily publish their creative literary works online but remain vulnerable to piracy. There is no real internet police which can monitor such amount of data on regular bases. But, certainly, there is a way now through blockchain technology, to begin with, the handling of such a situation. Internet court in east China’s Hangzhou has initiated a unique and a first of its kind solution for the protection of copyrighting in the domain of online literature.

The writer will now be able to extract the work circulating in cyberspace to be used as evidence in court. Earlier the writers were downloading their content or even resort to screenshots which was generally not considered as legal recognition or credible. In addition to this, the tedious procedures and hiring of professional lawyers added to the surplus cost of the entire matter, as published on Currently, there are three Internet courts in Beijing, Guangzhou, and Hangzhou which will be handling such copyrighting cases at the moment with the help of these emerging technologies.

Blockchain Technology And Publishing Industry

Emerging technologies like blockchain are slowly making their niche in the segment of the publishing industry. However, it has not yet gained any massive popularity here but then there are some publishing agencies that have begun with its deployment already. According to The Chronicle, a European start-up, Orvium offers a business plan along with publishing powered by blockchain. This is very unique as it offers open-access to client journal’s editors with several other benefits.

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