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Emerging Blockchain Technologies Improvise Security Of Digital Media

The blockchain is one of the new emerging technologies that have brought in a massive change in various business verticals. Apart from finance, energy, and supply chain, it is making a big transformation in digital media as well. This ledger form has helped in fostering an ecosystem which bridges the gaps of user insecurity and data frauds. The digital media is combating several threats at the moment because of data thefts happening at a much higher frequency than ever. Digital media firms have begun the integration of blockchain technology within their systems for combating these issues.

In one such update, Catenae Innovation PLC has made a contract with STM Security UK for the using blockchain applications in their platform. It is said to be a business management solution that is being exclusively designed for this domain. This system will be then capable of storing crucial regulatory reports in a format which will be immutable. In addition to this, the platform can also facilitate an auditable proof of both original and existing reports.

According to Proactive Investors Limited, it is stated that Catenae’s Sequestrum distributed ledger technology is in its final phase of testing and will be able to broaden the potential key areas of the requirements. This new emerging technologies like Artificial Intelligence and blockchain technology have been proved to be a game changer in recent times which is evident with its rapid adopting in almost all the sectors including digital media too.

Blockchain And Its Takeaways For Social Media

The blockchain is often referred to as an enhanced version of the Internet at times which is capable of securing user data and promoting accountability as well. It makes a major impact on the monitoring and identity verification of the participants present in the network. The system integrated with such emerging technologies can also address fraudulent ad impressions, spam bots and fake content as mentioned by Entrepreneur.

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