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Draglet: Perfect Combo Of Pragmatism And Expertise For Crypto Exchange Platforms

Draglet, a leading specialist in developing customized blockchain software solutions, is a perfect combination of pragmatism and expertise for developing software solutions for crypto exchange platforms. The firm’s newly released version (version 4.0.5) of their exchange platform is a much-improved one compared to its previous platforms. The improved version has a plethora of new functionalities such as Administrator’s panel – cx-admin, Engine – cx-engine, Wallet –cx-wallet, API – cx-server and Exchange frontend – cx-client.

Using Draglet’s software, it is easier to set up a white label Bitcoin exchange in no time. The company has been providing exchanges with optimal software solutions on a global scale. A lot of established cryptocurrency, commodity and bitcoin exchanges trust and use its software to run their business. The firm’s exchange software provides a holistic solution to launch a successful cryptocurrency exchange.

The new features in the updated version ensure improved flexibility, security and robustness. Some of the notable updates pertaining to the Admin Panel and API changes include user deactivation functionality, 4Stop and IDnow KYC solutions in the general code, linking bank accounts and fiat withdrawals, dynamic deposit fields, private markets, User KYC groups and many more.

The Market Maker feature helps in creating internal exchange liquidity. This indicates that if a trader wishes to place a market buy order and no one else is willing to sell at that rate, the Market Maker steps in as a counterparty with a spread premium. Its multi-currency wallets allow users to store and transact in various cryptocurrencies, as stated on its official website.

All cryptocurrency funds of users can be stored in a secure manner in the firm’s Multisignature cold storage on draglet-based crypto exchanges. This will allow the users to keep their funds locked up and safeguard the same from any kind of external access. The updated version also includes wallet modifications, engine updates and exchange frontend changes, as reported on Bitcoin Exchange Guide.

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