The first ever blockchain Hackathon was held in India with more than 200 hacking teams partaking in the two-day event hung on October 6 and 7, 2018. Sponsors and partners of the event include Huobi, MoonX, Block72, Fenbushi Capital, Incrypt, SpringRole, freeCodeCamp, Shine Chain and TrueChain.

DoraHacks, one of the world’s largest hackers associations on the planet, held it’s biggest ever hackathon in Bangalore, India. The 24-hour event focused on the contenders who develop the blockchain-based real-life solution to the current global problems. The judges of the event will vote for each participant and the winner of the Hackathon will be rewarded with 200,000 INR ($2700 USD).

As the first blockchain hackathon in India, the number of participants exceeded the expectations of the team. The event turned out to be a huge success with over 200 partaking teams. There were 500 registrations out of which more than 300 were not given chance to participant in the event.

Team Scintillating of six high school students won the debut DoraHacks Hackathon at Boston. This group of 16-year-old made a blockchain-based clinical management system “Delphus”. It enabled patients to see data handoffs by their medicinal services provider or specialists.

Team EasyContract generating smart contracts using natural language processing gets the runner-up. The winner list followed by Team Acid tied with Team WePay, who designed a system with an autonomous distribution of media content using BYTOM, and the latter bringing cash micro vendors into digital currency ecosystems, as reported by Digital Journal.

The recent blockchain hackathon in India was second on DoraHacks Hackathon’s world trip. DoraHacks Hackathon pursues the most recent conclusions by the group to hold these events in several nations around the globe, as published in Bitcoin Exchange Guide. The following stops for DoraHacks before the year’s end are events in Oxford (October 20-21), Seoul (October 27-28), Berlin (November 3-4), lastly wrapping up with Tokyo (November 10-11).

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