Disciplina Becomes First Blockchain To Create Verified Personal Profiles

Phony doctors, dentists, and lawyers will soon be uncovered consideration of a world-first Blockchain platform that will authenticate personal profiles with educational and qualified achievements.

Tech startups like “Disciplina” will platform its academic verification expertise at the ‘Tech in Asia summit in Singapore this week. This will be the new strategy which involves collecting the files of large universities, small institutes, schools and online educational platforms to an openly verifiable Blockchain. It is illogical that printed academic transcripts are still the initial method to validate an individual’s qualifications. This will be varied by utilizing Blockchain knowledge to corroborate education while still maintaining discretion and the dependability of information, said Mr. Nikiforov.

The increase of online education has augmented the issue of false qualifications. Prior this year an examination recognized that thousands of UK public had purchased fake degrees from a “diploma mill” in Pakistan.

We are revolutionizing the way educational records are produced, saved and accessed. It is going to make the recruitment procedure effortless and more apparent, said Mr. Nikiforov. The team is interspersed by accomplished developers that beforehand worked on Cardano, a top ten cryptocurrency with a market cap of more than US$9 billion. Education technology is a quickly growing market that’s ripe for the interruption.

The Future Ahead

When we look at the universities all around the globe which are offering courses in Blockchain in addition to implementing Blockchain in their operations, said Mr. Nikiforov. The long-standing vision for the platform is to permit for candidates to be ranked on their education and qualifications reported by Coin Telegraph.

The Disciplina platform will also occupy a role in certifying online courses, starting with the incorporation of the ‘TeachMePlease’ app. which already has 20,000 registered classes. Disciplina is looking to raise funds up to 15 million in an Initial Coin Offering (ICO) to conclude the development of its platform.

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