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Digitex Futures, Commission-Free Exchange With Own DGTX Token

Digitex is proud to announce the official launch of its native DGTX token on three exchanges: OOOBTC, Exrates, and Radex. The company is already up and trading on Exrates, with over $100k traded so far today.

The Digitex bio-network will be powered by DGTX, such as Mercatox, and is listed on CoinMarketCap. The token issuing makes it possible to run the exchange without charging fees.

The Digitex team has recently stepped up to the next major task on their roadmap that is in building a flexible exchange platform. Digitex has hired a tough team of expert designers who, since the commencement of February 2018, have been committed to making the product instinctive and customer-orientated. The team has achieved impressive results in the last six months.

What Should Traders Expect From Digitex’s Platform?

Traders will be able to trade CFDs (Contracts for Difference), a kind of futures contract that lets trading an asset without owning it. The open positions will be automatically rolled over into a new contract on the next day and CFD contract will take place in 24 hours. Besides providing zero-fee trading solutions, the new platform will provide a one-click trading line, liquid futures markets automatic market makers, and high-leverage trading solutions. The platform also mixes blockchain with a centralized system.

Digitex will follow Bitmex’s model to a certain degree, but won’t be working like Bitmex’s fee-based revenue generation. Unlike Bitmex that operates with Bitcoin, Digitex has established its own token and will make income by issuing amount of new coins each year to cover costs, thus avoiding the requirement to charge traders money for transactions.

As per the news published on Global Coin Report, Digitex has a transformative potential due to its unique platform that uses independent and centralized smart contract. This combination of the centralized matching engine with smart contract-based account balances safeguards a quick and consistent trading experience.

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