Digital Asset Pantera Drops Crypto Margin Trading And Lending Products, Delists Altcoins

The digital asset fund of Pantera Capital has released enormously since the start of the year, starting even below Bitcoin. The multiple annual growth rate (CAGR) of the fund has also decreased by 50 percent since the beginning of the year. On the other hand, crypto margin trading has been volatile markets, Bittrex has announced the delisting of Bitshares and Bitcoin Private, and Indian cryptocurrency exchange, Bitbns, has been suspected of faking its trade volume.

Reports show that the fund’s of Pantera Capital for the month of August 2018 gave losses for 40.8 percent as of the start of September. It also showed that the fund lost 22.3 percent in August and is below 72.7 percent from the all-time highs posted by the fund in January.

The 35th major cryptocurrency exchange Bittrex by trade volume according to Coinmarketcap’s volume rankings, has delisted Bitshares (BTS), and Bitcoin Gold (BTG), and scheduled the delisting of Bitcoin Private (BTCP) for November 5th – citing low volume.
Crypto margin trading being even riskier in September 2018, Grayscale Bitcoin Investment Trust has lost 80 percent of its value as compared to the funds in December 2017 after it recently established a new for 2018, indicating that the performance of cryptocurrencies has given losses across many virtual currency funds, as stated on Bitcoin news.

Overall in 2018, the cryptocurrency market has lost roughly $600 billion and this drop has affected other cryptocurrency-related companies. As per XBT, in April 2018 when bitcoin was trading at $9,000, the CEO of the hedge fund, Dan Morehead, stated that Bitcoin was at its perfect price to buy.

Massive losses of Pantera Capital is not the only crypto hedge fund that has recorded losses since the start of the year. Grayscale Bitcoin Investment Trust has lost most of its value and is presently at its least point since the beginning of the year. In spite of sufferings thru the year, Pantera Capital is still going ahead, by introducing a third crypto margin trading fund, for which it raised $70 million.

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