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DigiPulse To De-Tokenise Over 20 mn DGPT Tokens

Revamping a business model is not an easy task. Normund Kvilis, CEO of DigiPulse, is doing the same as he has decided to de-tokenize his entire business model.

DigiPulse has more than 20 million DGPT tokens which were sold in the market under 3500ETH. Kvilis stated that for DigiPulse to become a part of digital asset inheritance, it is very important to form values with our services instead of token price speculations.

DigiPulse will be removing all the DGPT from the market over next few months. It will also be delisting the company from the market by offering investors with token holdings, exceeding 10,000 DGPT which means that a direct state into the equity of the company.

All the remaining token holders will be provided with different options related to the use of DigiPulse platform. This will include lifetime access in some cases. This move was taken because among 300+ clients, who are on-board by the service ever since its went live on 8th July; only two-signed up through use of the native token’s platform. Rest of the clients have signed up using a normal credit card.

The development from DigiPulse appears to be first of a kind inside the ICO space. It is observing that whether it pursues the same course or not to sit on the radar for many market analyst. A market analysis was quoted saying that it is clear that CEO is looking to do things which are in the best of the interests of the original investors and the business.

According to a report published in ICO Examiner, DigiPulse service is presently offering a free of cost limited crypto-inheritance vault for all users for increasing the user base of the product.

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