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Department Of Information & Communications Technology And Monsoon To Use Blockchain Technology

The Department of Information and Communications Technology (DICT) is an executive department of the Philippine government who has made a partnership with a blockchain company Monsoon. Utilizing blockchain technology is a purpose of the partnership.

Both entities have signed a memorandum of agreement (MOA). Actually, the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) at the blockchain company Monsoon Dr. Donald G. Basile and the Acting Secretary at DICT Eliseo Mijares Rio Jr. and have signed MOA.

Rio said, “This partnership will directly benefit our continuous effort to address the country’s issues on ease of doing business and cybersecurity.”

The blockchain technology is a list of digital records. Every node on the blockchain network maintains the digital records.

Dr. Donald G. Basile is recognized as a tech visionary whose focus is on networking, storage & security, and Silicon Valley venture capitalist. He is a venture partner and an advisor at a private equity and venture capital firm called Notos, LLC. along working with the blockchain company Monsoon as the CEO. He has worked at a telecommunications industry operator called Lambda OpticalSystems where he was the chief operating officer (COO) and the president of the operator, according to Bloomberg.

Eliseo Mijares Rio Jr. is the head of DICT currently. He worked in the military at the initial stage of his career. He didn’t only work in the government sector, but he also worked in telecommunication companies, according to Eliseo Rio Jr. Wikipedia page.

The executive department of the Philippine government DICT was established on June 9, 2016. It is located in Diliman, Quezon City, Philippines. It looks after the planning, development, and promotion related to the information and communications technology (ICT) agenda of the nation, according to the Department of Information and Communications Technology Wikipedia page.

Capacity development and institution building can be improved. The blockchain company Monsoon will be helped on the dissemination of blockchain technology information through DICT. It won’t only be helped on this dissemination, but it will also be helped on activities of this capacity development through DICT. Complimentary courtesy consultation, advice, cost-benefit, and socio-economic analysis will be provided through Monsoon, GMA Network reported.

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Shabnam Dhar is a Copy Editor for OWLT Market.

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