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DMM Bitcoin Exchange Adds Biometric For Android To Strengthen Account Security

DMM Bitcoin exchange has recently added biometric authentication for Android as part of the company’s efforts to reinforce account security. Customers can now use this extra verification technique to improve their protection against cyber threats. The company clarifies that the biometrics authentication, which is obtainable via the Polarify app for Android devices, will allow customers to log in using their voice, face, or fingerprints. The company has previously applied 2-factor authentication, like e-mail and SMS authentication methods.

According to the company online security is significant to DMM Bitcoin. Earlier this month, the company even stated that it would maintain an older Transport Layer Security (TLS) protocols, starting from August 29, 2018.

DMM bitcoin exchange will use the Internet communication encryption method “TLS 1.0 and 1.1”. After August 29, 2018, the company’s web service and trading system will be unobtainable on PCs, smartphones, tablets, browsers, etc. that do not support “TLS 1.2”. Al the users are even informed to recheck the devices’ settings in order to make sure that they can continue to use the services of the company, as reported by the Finance Feed.

The biometrics authentication technique will be available for use on Android devices only. However, the firm has indicated that it is working on the possibility of introducing the same functionality on iOS devices.

Over the years cyber security measures have increased drastically, especially in Japan after January’s cyber hack of Coincheck saw the exchange lost more than $500 worth of NEM coins. The event served to intensify the sense of security within the industry and therefore the Japanese Financial Services Agency (JFSA) has then constricted some regulatory act against crypto exchanges and related businesses.

Crypto Gazette had previously reported that the Japanese e-commerce and entertainment giant DMM Group has launched its DMM Bitcoin exchange app that has become very famous recently which has even exceeded 600,000 downloads on Google Play Store. Due to such a big number, the group has aimed to develop security to be as a top priority for all the users out there.

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