DAG Launches Orion Membership Portal

Directed Acyclic Graph (DAG) Blockchain for consumer-grade applications publicized the launch of its exceptional product, Orion. Orion, a membership portal, will be the platform where the DAG team, developers, and community members can converse, share resources, and put into the network within a token reparation model. DAG token holders will be capable to stake tokens to get access to the community with a free tier accessible to view the portal’s diverse conduits and message boards.

The portal became fully active on June 18, when Constellation’s DAG tokens were also dispersed. Constellation’s permission testnet launches at the start of August, at which time token holders will need to ante DAG  tokens to run a node and authenticate test transactions. Nodes will receive validator rewards based on their transaction output and reputation ranking, with rewards paid proportionally to testnet participants.

Orion will permit coders and group members to receive tokens for donating to the network across a range of activities, from bug analysis to correcting whitepaper mistranslations, in accumulation to providing general support to the community. The essential reward structure a point-based scheme, awarded on productive movement will generate an organic hierarchy and support positive community behavior.

The Way Ahead

Once tokens are staked, they will be locked for the period of the six-month membership period. Over some time now, DAG  team will be executing review airdrops and giving away two tiers of DAG  totals that are protected and open membership to the Orion portal.

Constellation’s unique Proof-of-Meme protocol is designed to let individuals directly contribute to the enhancement and monitoring of the Blockchain, an executive told Coin Telegraph. Proof-of-Meme rewards behavior that improves a node’s overall reputation within the system. Orion is an addition of this approach, offering the tools for the community to construct and earn rewards by adding value to Constellation’s procedure.

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