CryptoKitties Partners With Marine Conservation Organizations To Donate $25K From Honu Kitty

The world’s biggest blockchain game, CryptoKitties, has collaborated with marine conservation organizations to create a rare cat named “Honu Kitty”. It is the first environmental-friendly collectible that draws attention towards the protection of endangered sea turtles.

Ocean Elders and ACTAI Global, have been teamed up with CryptoKitties to create a sale for cryptocurrency users the funds here will be donated to various ocean fund foundations. The auction has a complete of 18 bids were placed on the item, with the winner paying $25,000 for the one-of-a-kind collectible. Besides this, all the money would be going to the turtle’s project.

However, this isn’t the primary time Ethereum’s infective agent game has contributed to a charity. The funds were then given to a foundation that supports blockchain and art business.

Unlike many other CryptoKitties, Honu indicates one of the finest types of pieces of the digital art living totally on the Ethereum blockchain. It represents a truly exclusive CryptoKitty, which aids as a priceless asset for both gamers and art gatherers.

CryptoKitties Funds Ocean Preservation

The Pineapple Fund remains the foremost famed crypto-based philanthropic project. It was absolutely was created by an anonymous Redditor named Pine in 2017. The non-profit organizations supported by the fund ranged from clean water comes to chronic advanced malady analysis foundations. CryptoKitties’s had also auctioned head of art, Guile sage, for $140,000.

Earlier this year, Ripple donated $29 million to 35,000 classroom projects on an educational funding website DonorsChoose, this announcement was even mentioned in the CCN news channel.

Last month, Coinbase founder Brian Armstrong conjointly launched a charity platform named GiveCrypto. So far, it’s received donations from Ripple govt Chairman Chris Larsen, Zcash Company chief executive officer Zooko Wilcox, Ripple chief executive officer Brad Garlinghouse, and chief executive officer Roger Ver. Armstrong plans to distribute these cryptocurrencies to individuals in would like everywhere the globe.

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