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Cryptocurrency Trading Service Coinberry’s New Deal With BRD

Coinberry, a cryptocurrency trading service provider, has entered into a partnership with BRD. The latter is a secure wallet service for Bitcoin.

A new partnership deal between Coinberry and BRD aims to include the Canadian users of BRD onto the no-fee trading platform of the former. The announcement of the partnership was made on August 20, 2018.

Coinberry, a Toronto-based crypto trading service, is the maiden commission-free and federally registered trading platform for digital currency-related assets in Canada. On the other hand, BDR, which was earlier called Bread Wallet operates from Switzerland, its headquarters.

It offers crypto wallet services in over 150 nations around the globe. BDR provides its wallet services to over 1.2 million customers amounting to more than 8 billion USD worth of assets.

The new partnership deal aims to integrate the fee-free platform of Coinberry with the non-custodial wallet of BDR. The deal has all the necessary ingredients to lead to a positive effect on the cryptocurrency industry of Canada.

James MacWhyte, the product officer of BRD, shared in an interview that Coinberry is the sole solution, which enables the users to use Canadian dollars for getting Bitcoin in Canada. He further added that BRD does not have the way of doing so at present.

MacWhyte also said they want to offer the opportunity and choice to the users to hold their digital currency-related assets.

BRD Uses Decentralized Framework

The non-custodial wallet technology of BRD makes use of a decentralized framework to do away with the centralized risk quotient of a sole “honeypot”. The hackers can exploit it to transfer it to any centralized agency or to harvest data.

The wallet technology of BRD can enable the users to withdraw, deposit, and purchase Bitcoin seamlessly and rapidly on the cryptocurrency trading platform, Coinberry, according to Bitcoin Magazine. However, BDR is in proper control of the keys always. It is indeed a major consideration when crypto exchanges are still under the threat from hackers.

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