Cryptocurrency Trading Focuses On Stablecoins And Security Tokens

Cryptocurrency trading is looking forward to focussing on stable coins and security tokens. The volatile character of cryptocurrency has led investors to look into reliable and secured coins similar to the properties of stable coins. Whereas the security tokens can be used more over the ICO market.

In the Crypto Finance Conference in St. Moritz, Switzerland held on Jan. 16, Luzius Meisser, member of Bitcoin Association Switzerland board said that he believes that the next target of improvement in cryptocurrencies is specifically on stable coins and the security tokens. Economist and computer scientist by profession Messier co-founded the Bitcoin Association Switzerland in 2013. Basically, she indicated the requirement of the changes in the security tokens.

Influence of blockchain into cryptocurrency has decentralized worldwide with the digital networks and technology. Blockchain triggered popularity with Bitcoin in cryptocurrency trading when the reached value of each bitcoin was at $20,000 in the year 2017. Recently, in the last two months, bitcoin is facing the worst period of downfall and the investors are facing the loss of $800 billion last January to around $130 billion at the end of November 2018.

Altcoin Today report stated that according to the interview with Luzius Meisser who said that the ICO (initial coin offering) sector requires important and relevant changes to include few more rights to the investors apart from investing in cryptocurrencies related to protection or security of their investments.

Smart contracts with the tracking of the entire balance including the investment, KYC information are compulsory for Stablecoins. CryptoSlate report states that KYC holders can only invest, this develops trust and confidence to the buyers and sellers in cryptocurrency trading. Though few investors believe that adding KYC holders or a government badge breaks down the intention of decentralizing digital money.

STASIS chief executive officer Gregory Klumov agrees with a perspective of advanced technology’s future worldwide:
“It became obvious for all market participants and liquidity providers that stable coins are must-have assets in cryptocurrencies marketplace… so initiatives coming from Singapore, Switzerland and actual legislation on Malta are very much on time to legitimize stable coins in other nations.”

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