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Cryptocurrency Trading Boosted This Festive Season

Cryptocurrency trading is indisputably creating a deep impact as it is attracting a considerable amount of customers who are interested to indulge in cryptocurrency. Dave Jenkins, a taxi driver in London, has attracted a lot of eyeballs and garnered recognition for offering his customers to purchase cryptocurrency. He is addressed as ‘Crypto Cabbie’ because not only he drives passengers around London but also provides the ability to purchase BTC.

The driver sells BTC for Cash with the help of a device that enables people to purchase bitcoins. Jenkins adds that dealing with him is much easier for customers rather than going through a tedious process of signing up for an exchange or using a crypto ATM in London that might require KYC identification.

As he explained in an interview, that the hardware is manufactured by a company called Fastbitcoins, and it allows the Crypto Cabbie to sell BTC for cash before furnishing the buyer with a receipt. Essentially, the service is a voucher system that can be redeemed for BTC after the purchase at certain locations, as published on Bitcoin News.

In the meantime, this upcoming holiday season will notice cryptocurrency dominating the market. In other words, customers can use cryptocurrency to buy e-gift cards to shower their loved ones with gifts this festive season.

Going with the holiday tradition, major exchange Coinbase is running “12 Days of Coinbase” until December 21, revealing a new announcement each day. This is made possible through a program with WeGift, a crypto gifting service that offers purchasing possibilities with GAP, Domino’s, Adidas, Uber and Nike, among many others. Crypto-purchased gift cards feature no additional fees and a cash bonus of up to 10%, as reported on Invest In Blockchain. So this festive season will see a lot of people indulging in cryptocurrency trading.

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