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Cryptocurrency Political Donations Should Be Validated, Majority of US Voters Agree

Cryptocurrency is undoubtedly penetrating and flourishing in all the sectors of the economy. In the recent news, Clovr surveyed 1,023 registered voters in the US to find out the public opinion regarding incorporating cryptocurrency in the political domain. Majority of 60% of the US voters approved of legalizing cryptocurrency donations.

According to the Clovr survey, many political candidates gave positive feedback about the usage of cryptocurrency donations for campaign financing. Many believe that cryptocurrency donations should be treated the same as fiat, with only 21 percent disagreeing.

The survey revealed that 54 % of the respondents answered that cryptocurrency was safe enough for political donations. Breaking it down by party affiliation, 63 percent of Republicans agreed cryptocurrency was secure enough to be used for political purposes, with 52 percent of Democrats and 45 percent of independents saying the same, as suggested in Bitcoin News.

While many have expressed their views about incorporating cryptocurrency, some still are hesitant and have expressed their fears. Due to the current state of deep political division and mistrust of public institutions in the U.S, the survey revealed that few people showed their concern. Interestingly, the highest number of those supporting crypto donations were Republicans at 63% while 54% of Democrats were for the idea, stated in CryptoDigest.

Despite cryptocurrency garnering positive feedback in the survey, some concerns remain. Some America voters feel that elected officials can’t be trusted with cryptocurrency. In total, 62 percent of respondents answered that cryptocurrency donations would increase illegal activity within the U.S. political system.

Overall, the American citizens have voiced their opinion both in the positive and negative way. While some have encouraged the use of cryptocurrency donation, other have conveyed their fears and concerns. The concept of cryptocurrency is galloping but has also garnered negative criticism.

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