Cryptocurrency Payments Platform Coingate Raises 10% Monthly Volume Via Litecoin

Coingate raises 10% of its volumes by using Lightning Network platform through Litecoin. Lightning Network platform has been useful for boosting up the cryptocurrency payments. Lightning support to dual directions of payments that will provide backup to Litecoin’s new testnet with ‘Ind’, that can be developed with less difficulty once Ltd has been built. The developers are working on further development of the software infrastructure built to make the earliest shifting to work successfully into Lightning Network that occupies multiple blockchains.”

Coalgate’s target mostly focused on the European market that allows to buy and sell with fiat options and different payment methods. Merchants focus on the exchanges once the transactions are completed successfully. The standard fee of 1% charged by Coingate that accepts almost all the popular cryptocurrencies payments including a few of the altcoins.

According to the founder of “Edge Wallet” Paul Puey, the only digital wallet that the traders can own them and travel anywhere with the private digital key, the core intention of edge wallet that is making the key secured because the edge servers are unable to see the secured key and only except the owners of the key, only popular for the bitcoin users. Bitpay is premier Bitcoin processor for the traders.

Mishura, the marketing head of Litecoin, told CCN on one of its reports: “VPNs are, to be honest, one of the most frequently used services by crypto-enthusiasts (what we see by our data). However, due to a quite low price, it is usually a no-win to pay for it with Bitcoin or Litecoin; and that’s exactly what Lightning should solve. That’s what we are trying to showcase – paying even for low-priced products should be possible, convenient, and cheap using cryptocurrency”.

According to the Block Crypto report, the lightning network clients are several in number but the most popular are Ind from Lightning Labs, eclair from ACINQ and c-lightning from Rusty Russel. The best part of Lightning network is the Dual funded channels for cryptocurrency payments that enables to the enroute high amount of liquid transactions and include more traders to involve in cryptocurrency exchange.

Lightning Network is one of the best processes to reduce frictions and complications, a trader who wants to try Litecoin’s light network should try to use it via Surfshark.

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