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Cryptocurrency News: Can NEO Rise Up To Its Old Market Place?

In January 2018, NEO had a sudden drop, the cryptocurrency had flipped from rank 10th to 18th position. Conflict of loss $18 billions and NEO clamped down by investors. NEO’s main target is to improve the country’s economy, according to the cryptocurrency news. Investors flinch on investing losing interest on cryptocurrency. Da Hongfei the new face “co-founder” of NEO shows least concerned about the position and diverged into a performance of the blockchain and configuration of this cryptocurrency. Believes in developing a stronger community in spite of severe falling down of the rank.

In one of the web summit in Lisbon, the co-founder emerged with the main aim or contract to build a smart economy and develop digital assets. The real-economy based NEO and its blockchain configuration can work better for the nation. On speaking with NEO co-founder Erik Zhang if he likes NEO being referred to as “Chinese Ethereum“, he said, “The labeling is a hype. We never introduced NEO this way, and I’m personally against this labeling.”

NEO being popular during 2017, was known as “Chinese Ethereum” with tremendous loss has an expectation for 2019. Assures to uplift, NEO draws a good market similar to Ethereum. While the sadness pondering with the downfall of Bitcoin. Ethereum shows a better rise in the crypto market according to the latest cryptocurrency news. Erik also stated that Ethereum will sooner or later exceed Bitcoin and get the first position. But Ethereum will also face very fierce competition from other projects such as NEO, as published on CCN.

Towards the motive of digital and smart economy, though with vast ranges of ups and downs in the cryptocurrency NEO’s worst loss was of about 97 percent on 15 December 2018 while trading at $5.65. Why no expectation in decline of the NEOs? The reason is the Chinese Ethereum has seen a profit of 202 percent compared to Bitcoin.

According to The Next Web, the fastest growth of NEO as compared to BTC showing extremely prosperous perspective. The NEO market of 2017 and 2018 graph curves draws a better inclination of growing market structure.  NEO shows a better structure of digital economy development lines while peeping into Bitcoin’s downfall. Comprehend rise of the NEO in cryptomarket is generic, studying the graphs of 2017 and 2018 comparatively.

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