Cryptocurrency Market Will Be Worth Tens of Trillions of Dollars: Ethereum Founder

Charles Hoskinson predicts that Cryptocurrency Market Will Be Worth Tens of Trillions of Dollars. The general belief that there will be the death of the cryptocurrency and that it is a Ponzi scheme, and a scam bubble, etc are all set aside by him. Each day the headlines warn of the demise of the cryptocurrency market, but Charles believes that there will be an influx of trillions of dollars once the new regulations are set into place.

Warren Buffet has called the industry a rat poison, and a headline-grabbing institution. Other institutional heads like Mark Carney of the Bank of England, repeatedly call for fall of cryptocurrency.

The market has further been ramping up since recent clarity coming from Securities Exchange Commission (SEC) which has cleared the way for Ethereum. There are talks that institutional monies are flooding the crypto market, further leading to rising in the market.

“Regulatory clarity will allow institutions to come in more than anything else because institutions don’t like to invest into uncertainty. So we are just taking the most conservative approach we can”, said Wall Street’s Crypto King, Bart Smith.

On a similar note, San Francisco’s Coinbase CEO Brian Armstrong told his employees that: “When there is hype, people are irrationally exuberant. When there is despair, people are irrationally pessimistic. Neither is true, the reality is always somewhere in the middle, more correlated with real usage (transactions per day) than the price.”

So let us watch out the future of cryptocurrency market, whether it will sink or swim or just float in the troubled waters!!

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