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Cryptocurrency Market Eats Its Way Into Food Industry

Cryptocurrency market is trending in the food sector as many express joints are gradually accepting the virtual currency. An increasing number of takeaway platforms around the world are accepting cryptocurrency in exchange for mouth-watering meals. And now, many food joints are actively participating in this ever-growing bandwagon.

Crypto enthusiasts, as well as foodies, can now derive sheer happiness by ordering their meals and repaying the sum in virtual currency. The pizza was among the first item that was purchased using bitcoin. Keeping that in mind, we zeroed down to Pizzaforcoins, a delivery portal that accepts cryptocurrency. Pizzaforcoins is a service based in California where you can order from major chains such as Domino’s, Pizza Hut or Papa John’s.

The consumer can enter his or her address and the system will attempt to find a restaurant in your vicinity. The platform relays your order to the restaurant, once the payment is received, with available meals priced in BTC. Pizzaforcoins claims it accepts over 50 other cryptocurrencies through integration with Shapeshift. Meanwhile, more established food ordering services offer bitcoin enthusiasts much larger menus to choose from, as reported on Bitcoin News. Cryptocurrency market is eating its way into the food industry and is holding a firm foothold.

In regards to food joints accepting cryptocurrency, previous news reports stated that a chain of coffee shops started trading in cryptocurrency. Cyclebit, a start-up aimed to simplify things by enabling stores to serve as “cryptocurrency gateways”, urging crypto enthusiasts to spend their coins with them and inject some new funds into the economy. Consequently, a network of 130 coffee shops throughout Spain started accepting and selling bitcoins, as mentioned in Cointelegraph.

Cyclebit hopes that using crypto for cappuccinos will become an exciting starting point and aims to extend further in the near future. To summarise, cryptocurrency market is spreading its wings in the food sector and is gradually aiming to secure a strong foothold.

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