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Cryptocurrency Firm Circle Wants Women To Be More Bullish On Crypto Than Men

As Bitcoin floats around $10,000, female investors and users could be key to its adoption as mainstream financial technology. At present, the majority of cryptocurrency firms are still men and there are estimates that the number of women investors and users of cryptocurrency differ.

Many companies betting on the normal adoption of cryptocurrency have already tapped into that core base of Bitcoin. Crypto finance company Circle being a digital alternative medium of exchange created, protected and transmitted via blockchain technology, thinks that the numbers of female crypto enthusiasts should increase in the field of cryptocurrency. Female interest in cryptocurrency must gradually grow. For Circle Invest, specifically, the firm is focusing on making crypto investing accessible for an individual through a simplified product experience and educational content.

Circle conducted a survey of more than 3,000 individuals earlier this week, by Gen Xers, and Baby Boomers in the U.S. using SurveyMonkey Audience panels notably, the results found that nearly twice as many men invest in cryptocurrencies when compared to women and 1 in 4 Millennials expressed interest in purchasing crypto over the next year, as per the latest blog on their website.

According to Circle’s head of product Divya Agarwalla, many apps that exist on the market are geared toward people that know the market already and unluckily, that tends to be men. Circle has added a new feature to their crypto investing app, which is simple and that will make it easier for new demographics to get their foot in the door of the crypto universe and learn many new things that will attract new women investors, as reported by TechCrunch

There are a lot of users who are acquainted with Circle’s consumer-facing payments app. For the app, this cryptocurrency firm has even raised about $250 million in venture capital funding to date from many reputed firms in the market. Another social trading platform, eToro, surveyed its users in May 2018, with its report revealing that only 8.5 percent of all users were women, as stated in CoinDesk.

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