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Cryptocurrency Explained: What is ZCash?

Zcash is a decentralized and an open source cryptocurrency. The Zerocoin protocol was improved and then it was transformed into Zerocash system. This Zerocash system was then developed into the Zcash cryptocurrency in 2016. Zooko Wilcox, the cryptographer, engineer, and CEO are the mastermind behind Zcash. Zcash happens to be one of the most valuable, technically attention seeking, and politically fraught cryptocurrencies of the world.

Zcash provides strong privacy protections: this is the biggest USP of Zcash. Zero-knowledge proofs were implemented in the form of “zk-SNARKs”. They allow the users to preserve their privacy by concealing both- the participants and the amount in any given transaction. These transactions are, however, recorded on and guaranteed by Zcash’s public blockchain.

Bitcoin and most of the other cryptocurrencies that are in use expose the entire payment history to the public, but Zcash ensures shielded transactions. The sender, recipient, and value on the blockchain remain hidden. Zcash is the first open, cryptocurrency that is permissionless. It can fully protect the privacy of transactions by using zero-knowledge cryptography. This gives a knee-jerk to the governments and regulators.

Zcash incorporates a higher blockchain technology. It pioneers the utilization of zero-knowledge proofs and applies a cutting-edge cryptography to blockchain technology. Zero-knowledge proofs can enable totally encrypted transactions which will be confirmed as valid.

This property allows entirely new categories of blockchain applications to be designed. With Zcash, users get pleasure from the benefits of using a public blockchain. However, they’re still certain that their private data is protected.

The first versions of this fashionable cryptocurrency were quite expensive to process on the other hand Zcash has recently unrolled a replacement alpha version with exceptional enhancements. Recently, the New York State’s Department of Financial Services has named Zcash as one of the six approved cryptocurrencies on the heavily regulated Gemini exchange.

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