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Cryptocurrency Exchanges – Distributed 2018 San Francisco Blockchain Conference

At the Distributed 2018 San Francisco blockchain conference, it was highlighted during one of the discussions pertaining to exchanges that cryptocurrency exchanges are a necessary component of creating borderless and decentralized currency. Although it is Bitcoin’s key objective is to create a currency that’s decentralized and borderless, one of the recurring concerns is the manner in which people are able to actually acquire the same and other cryptocurrencies.

Ben El-Baz, Chief Strategy Officer, XADEX, at the conference, moderated a panel of entrepreneurs and experts involved in crypto exchanges, apart from using his own experience at a Hong Kong-based exchange to ask pertinent and piercing questions.

The discussion focused on the pros and cons of tokenized business models and user experience and the possible impacts of regulation. The exchanges that were in question were however centered in a wide range of areas.

The experts who were a part of this discussion included the following:

CEO and founder of the cryptocurrency exchange, Golix, Tawanda Kembo. Based out of Zimbabwe, Golix is one of the longest-running exchanges in the world. Kembo founded Golix concerned by the hyperinflation in his country. He wished to try and resolve the issue of crypto liquidity in Africa and also touched upon some of the successes and challenges of this project.

Founder and CEO, Kraken, Jesse Powell was also a part of this discussion. Kraken exchange deals in the EU and largely in the U.S. Powell offered his insight into the world of more established crypto markets.

Maggie HSU, a member of the business development team at AirSwap, discussed regarding the possibilities of decentralized exchanges in the conference. According to her many central exchanges can hold disproportionate influence, as stated in the Bitcoin Magazine article.

Each of these experts brought a special focus on the topic pertaining to worldwide cryptocurrency exchanges. The discussion of the panel on a diverse range of topics pertaining to cryptocurrency industry and blockchain can be viewed on Distributed’s YouTube channel for an in-depth insight into the same.

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