Cryptocurrency Exchange ErisX Appoints Ethereum Co-Founder Joseph Lubin

It was announced in a press that Joseph Lubin has joined the board of directors. Joseph Lubin is the founder of blockchain tech company ConsenSys. He has earlier been the co-founder of ethereum is now appointed in the board of directors for the Cryptocurrency exchange startup company ErisX, was originally launched in the year 2010 has shown a progressive graph last year.

ErisX which is a startup in the crypto market has lifted the investments by raising $27.5 million from Fidelity Investments and Nasdaq Ventures. While looking forward into 2019, it is attempting to trade with Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litcoin and other available cryptocurrencies in the crypto market. In spite of being launched as a startup company, the recent progressive graphs show that ErisX will grow better in cryptocurrency exchange. Retail brokerage firm TD Ameritrade is collaborating with ErisX which can provide investment backup up though did not enter into explaining the details of their deal. The aim of this particular startup company is to make a direct sale of cryptocurrencies in 2019.

Cointelegraph also reported that Cris Conde, the co-founder of software company Devon systems has joined the board of directors, devon system was undertaken by Sungard. It is one of the software firms listed in fortune 500. Joseph Lubin started his career in robotics, neural nets and software engineering. After reading and knowing about Satoshi Nakamoto he developed an interest in Bitcoin and the technology involved in the blockchain.

According to the Forbes reports, in cryptocurrency industry, it is believed that Joseph Luben that co-founder of ethereum is one of the largest holders of ether that may possess the value of $10 billion.

Cryptocurrency exchange ErisX appointed Matt Trudeau as its chief strategy officer who will be responsible to put potential in increasing the revenue growth.

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