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Crypto Valley Announces Blockchain Voting Pilot Success

Crypto Valley is a Swiss city, also well-known as Zug. The city of late finished an accomplishment, which is its foremost test of a neighborhood Blockchain Voting system.

The town commenced an e-Voting pilot platform that was customary on the Blockchain. The intent of utilizing the Blockchain was in anticipation of taking on it. Since the adoption of the expertise, it seems that there have been triumphant results. In the own words of a news outlet a subsidiary of Swiss Broadcasting Corporation.

Dieter Müller, the city’s chief of communications asserted that the process was a success source said regarding the Blockchain Voting. The technical features of the Voting process are to be evaluated over the coming months and will be reviewed by the technical committee.

The most important aim behind building a Blockchain based Voting platform was to make certain that the system was safer and less prone to unnoticed manipulation as opposed to the conventional method of Voting. Luxoft, a local software firm based in Zug, is accountable for building this Voting system. Luxoft works in tandem with the city and the division of computer science at the Lucerne University of Applied Sciences.

The Way Ahead

Due to the constructive results, the Voting process will stay in consign and will be evaluated again. In addition, the government is making efforts to ensure that the Voting process is safer and less susceptible to unobserved exploitation, according to Coin Desk.

There are apprehensions about electronic Voting because Voting is a fundamental mechanism for direct Voting that’s why we deem that this technology should not belong to a single company. We will build the e-Voting platform Open Source so that individuals can comprehend what the technology is and how it works. We want to cheer more individuals to develop Blockchain-based applications for governments worldwide.

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