Crypto Platform SFOX Adds Litecoin (LTC) For Broader Company Expansion

Crypto platform SFOX, a major dealer for high-volume traders and official investors, recently stated that it has added trading support for cryptocurrency Litecoin (LTC) as part of a wider corporation growth and to become a foremost institutional crypto asset management platform. Litecoin joins SFOX’s already-existing providing of Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash and Ethereum. SFOX gives its clients the prospect to invest in Litecoin both as a direct USD-to-Litecoin transaction, as well as Bitcoin-to-Litecoin for those attentive in expanding their crypto holdings.

Litecoin upholds numerous comparisons to Bitcoin, but with numerous key differences, where users are able to authorize transactions in a quicker and faster manner. Litecoin has refined important adoption and market capitalization and is intensive on its strengths as a global payments coin, as shown by the Litecoin.

SFOX was founded in 2014 with over $9 billion in transaction volume to date. It is the best crypto platform prime dealer for huge investors, from the start of 2018. SFOX, has seen its customer base grow 12-fold, allowing institutions to trade high volumes without impacting prices by connecting them to a vast network of global cryptocurrency liquidity venues.

SFOX in August even announced that it had raised $22.7 million in Series A funding to enlarge beyond its position as a prime dealer for institutional investors by building out the supports and substructure to become the premier institutional crypto asset management platform, as stated in PR Newswire.

Crypto platform SFOX has been providing high-volume traders and institutional investors higher returns through best price execution via a globally integrated order book. Litecoin (LTC) has seen a lot of adoption, recently it was even added to Ethos Universal Wallet. It was added to meet the selection requirements and their beta testing flagging procedures for the arrival of many digital currencies on the platform, as per Smartereum.

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