Crypto News: Tokyo Based App Line Adds Link Point Cryptocurrency To Its Token Economy

As per the latest crypto news, LINE Corporation has recently announced the launch of a Japan-only cryptocurrency, as well as five new decentralized applications (dApps). The Japanese online messaging giant says these new additions are part of its hard work to build a strong worldwide token economy. In the announcement, Line mentioned that the new dApps will emphasis on various types of categories, such as product reviews, food and locations and estimate platforms.

The dApps are built on the LINK blockchain, which is intended to interact with LINE’s established messaging platform and had its origin block mined on August 23. The company strategy is to support third-party developers to create out the network’s dApp bionetwork.

Due to continuing regulatory issues between LINE and Japan’s financial watchdog, the Financial Services Agency (FSA), LINK Point will not be accessible for trading on the BITBOX exchange. However, Link Points will in its place be issued as an inducement on the new LINE dApps and can be transformed into “LINE Points” for use in purchasing services across LINE’s numerous services, as per the latest crypto news.

Besides dapps, LINE has stated that its main coin “LINK” will not be available to the American or Japanese markets. However with the help of, this separate coin LINK Point, will be made exclusive to residents of Japan, as stated in Cointelegraph.

LINE also exposed five dApps to kickstart its tradition blockchain network. These dApps will work in service categories like location review, product review, question-and-answer as well as food review. The dApps have further announced Wizball overview, 4Cast overview, Pasha overview, STEP overview, and TAPAS overview.

Wizball will be a question-and-answer service and it will be accessible only to Japanese customers. As stated in the crypto news, users earn rewards by taking part in information sharing on the platform. Pasha, on the other hand, will be useful for users to give product reviews. STEP Overview will let platform users share their experiences at fun centers with the community and lastly, TAPAS Overview caters to the food review arena, as mentioned in the Live Bitcoin News.

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