Crypto News: Future Of Cryptocurrency Essential For Global Digitalization

High profile individuals in finance indicate that they are optimistic about the potential in cryptocurrency and interpreting a rise in Global Digitalization. In crypto news, CEO of NASDAQAdena Friedman, the second world largest stock exchange, has spoken high and loud about cryptocurrency and its future.

On a recent annual meeting of the World Economic Forum attended by Adena Friedman stated that NASDAQ can see a bright future in global digitalization that describes blockchain technology as intense genius and creativity. Also in one of her LinkedIn posts, Adena says that cryptocurrency “deserves an opportunity to find a sustainable future in our economy”.

On Oct 2015, Nasdaq unveiled Linq, the first blockchain technology application for shareowners that empower digitally in share ownership. NASDAQ understands the possibility of occurrence including advantages in blockchain technology and anticipates not only to be focused to Linq.  In crypto news, Coinspeaker reports that Adena Friedman also appreciated and described to be fortunate to have the blockchain innovators or applications such as Dropbox, DocuSign, Greensky, iQIYI, Stone and Pinduoduo.

In 2017, the value of bitcoin was at the peak of $20,000 approximately in the month of December while by at the end of 2018 it went down but investors who had invested five years ago can gain profit at the low market of cryptocurrency. Volatility at that time was common and other cryptocurrencies like XRP and Litecoin has seen similar declines.

According to CNBC, perhaps bitcoin is bought at a higher rate near $20,000, $15,000 or even at $10,000, still it is found that there is lost in money: around $13,600, $8,600 or $3,600, respectively.

Blockchain technology fails to achieve broad adoption and its commercial applications as a medium of exchange are limited. Also, in order to study the abnormal market conditions, Nasdaq has developed market surveillance technology.

Friedman also stated in crypto news that Nasdaq’s technology is used by more than 50 marketplaces and regulators, globally with machine learning efforts with AI capabilities. She also stated that “In 2019, progress in this technological area will be steady, but with some breakthroughs that could change everything for years ahead. What will be the next big leap in this area of innovation: Quantum powered AI.”

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