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Crypto Exchange Users Can Now Exchange Cryptocurrencies Directly Using Trezor Wallet Interface

Crypto exchange users can now exchange cryptocurrencies directly by using the Trezor Wallet interface. The Prague-based maker of the popular crypto hardware wallet Trezor, SatoshiLabs, announced that the beta version of the Trezor Wallet is now available for users. The company stated that convenience, usability and safety have always been its key priorities ever since it released the first Trezor.

SatoshiLabs’ Trezor Wallet is the battle-tested version of the web-wallet interface. Trezor Wallet is feature-conservation. This means that new functions are added at a slower pace and only after they are properly tested, in order to ensure the highest level reliability of the wallet. The objective of this wallet is to provide a stable and continuous access to Trezor.

The Trezor Beta Wallet that is made available for crypto exchange users is a less-tested version of the web-wallet. The company stated that the new features are first released here before it considers them as sufficiently reliable for the actual production wallet. This beta version of the wallet serves as a public feature-testing platform for the Trezor community by providing power users with quick access to the new features. The Trezor team announced the addition of a new feature, “Exchanges” to the Trezor Wallet on its official Twitter handle. The founder of the Bitcoin Foundation and CryptoIQ, Charlie Shrem replied to the tweet and asked when they would be providing support for Atomic Wallet, as reported on CryptoGlobe.

In its response, the Atomic Wallet team responded stating that it was too early for hardware wallets such as Trezor to integrate with Atomic Wallet as the atomic swaps SDK has not yet been released.

The new “Exchanges” feature is provided by various third parties, such as crypto exchanges. SatoshiLabs, in its official blog, stated that it bears no responsibility for the process, fees, exchange rates or functionality. It also added that as part of this initial release, SatoshiLabs will be cooperating with Changelly and ShapeShift crypto exchange. The blog also mentioned that Trezor Wallet will always operate without KYC since the user’s Trezor device or the wallet is not custodial. In case the exchange providers decide to enact KYC, the verification and registration need to be done by them.

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