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Crypto Exchange Latoken To Help Clients With Legal Structure & Regulatory Compliance

A crypto exchange called Latoken will provide a legal structure and regulatory compliance to clients. It will provide the compliance in collaboration with a law consulting firm called Dilendorf & Khurdayan. It already provides Security Token Offerings (STO).

The CEO at Latoken Valentin Preobrazhenskiy said, “Latoken is focused on providing high quality service to its clients. That’s why it is a great pleasure for us to launch our partnership with Dilendorf & Khurdayan, who specialize in providing services for STOs in the United States. The security tokenization market is still in its early beginnings, but Latoken already has many projects interested in running the full STO process on our platform. We believe that our partnership with Dilendorf & Khurdayan will significantly simplify our clients’ path to American qualified investors.”

The focus of the crypto exchange Latoken is on liquidity for new tokens. Participations in selected Tokens Sales at pre-sale and crowdsale phases are allowed for those Latoken users who will be considered as eligibles.

Dilendorf & Khurdayan is recognized as a practical and effective legal solutions provider. It provides solutions to innovators and visionaries related to real estate, private capital space, and blockchain technology. Clients are facilitated in a broad range of regulatory regimes and laws navigation through Dilendorf & Khurdayan. Various cryptocurrency projects from tokenized real estate funds to STOs are included in the track records of Dilendorf & Khurdayan, CoinSpeaker reported.

According to CoinmarketCap, Latoken (LA) was under the Top-20 cryptocurrency in March 2019. It has generated a $300m daily turnover. Its turnover is increasing constantly.

LA is a utility token. LA got listed on exchanges viz., HitBTC, OKEX, and KuCoin. It has been confirmed in a formal, polished, and comprehensive written document called legal memorandum. A San Francisco-based premier technology and international law firm called White Summers Caffee & James has prepared the legal memorandum. It has experiences of 18 years.

The features of crypto exchange Latoken are Instant exchange (LA DIRECT), Advanced trading features and Crypto/fiat gateway, according to the official website of Latoken.

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Shabnam Dhar is a Copy Editor for OWLT Market.

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