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Crypto Exchange KuCoin Makes Credit Card Transactions Available

KuCoin is a crypto exchange who makes credit card transactions available for cryptocurrency. KuCoin Apps added Simplex. KuCoin customers can use their credit cards for buying cryptocurrency.

Proprietary and fully automated machine training algorithms of IA Technology of Simplex will be used to analyze transactions. Frauds in increased conversion will be eliminated.

Simplex is recognized as the fastest growing FinTech company. It is headquartered in Israeli. It has its offices in the United Kingdom (UK), North America, and Lithuania along with EU offices. It is a European Union licensed financial institution created to offer a solution called online fraud-free payment processing solution. Nimrod Lehavi is the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and the Co-founder of the institution. Ofer Bar-Or is the Chief Operating Officer (COO) while Ari Last is the Vice President (VP) of Business Development. Worldwide merchants will be enabled for accepting different kinds of payment options through the institution. It runs a secure escrow service. The service is for fiat-to-crypto transactions on large scales.

The crypto exchange Kucoin is recognized as the world’s fastest-growing cryptocurrency exchange. Novice investors can use Kucoin easily. It contains various cryptocurrencies and keeps on adding new cryptocurrency on a regular basis, according to the official LinkedIn account of KuCoin.

One Twitter post of KuCoin:

The European Union licensed financial institution Simplex has made an investment to build a vibrant culture. The culture will be based upon innovation, creativity, constant learning, and lively team spirit, according to the official LinkedIn account of Simplex.

A trading fee structure of the crypto exchange KuCoin is simple. 0.1 percent trading fee will be charged. This trading fee can be adjusted and 30 percent off on 0.1 percent can be achieved, Crypto Newsz reported.

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Shabnam Dhar is a Copy Editor for OWLT Market.

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