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Crypto Exchange KuCoin And Binance Trust Wallet To Support Credit Card Payments

KuCoin is a Singapore-based crypto exchange who has made a partnership with Simplex. The main purpose of the partnership is to support credit card payments for cryptocurrencies and this is a service. This was officially announced on March 27, 2019.

Simplex is an EU financial institution which was launched in 2014. It offers an online payment processing solution. It is considered as a 100% guarantee credit card payments processor. It is headquartered in Israel. It has its subsidiaries in the United Kingdom (UK), the United States (US), and Lithuania. It is joining hands with the world’s largest platforms and some of the platforms are Changelly, Litecoin Foundation, BRD, Mycrypto, XAPO, and Shapeshift.

On March 12, 2019, the global crypto exchange Binance has announced that customers could now buy major cryptocurrencies such as Ripple (XRP), Bitcoin (BTC), Bitcoin Cash (BCH), Litecoin (LTC), and Ethereum (ETH) with credit and debit cards through an official crypto wallet called Trust Wallet. The exchange has also partnered with Simplex.
The founder of Trust Wallet Viktor Radchenko said, “We want to increase access to crypto and decentralized applications for all users. Adding credit card payments is one piece to furthering cryptocurrency adoption and realizing our larger vision in helping to bring the freedom of money, and we will continue to integrate more blockchains and features to Trust,” the official website of Binance reported.
Trust wallet is a mobile wallet application having a high level of security. It is decentralized in nature. It has an in-built DApp browser. The main purpose of the in-built DApp browser is to facilitate DApps communication and direct cryptocurrencies & collectibles trading through smartphones or tablets. Customers can send, receive, store and secure digital assets through the Trust wallet.
The service is added on an assets page of the crypto exchange KuCoin. It is available in 100+ countries. The service allows customers to buy Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Ripple (XRP), Bitcoin Cash ABC (BCHABC) and Litecoin (LTC) with Dollars (USD) and Euros (EUR), the official website of KuCoin reported.
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Shabnam Dhar is a Copy Editor for OWLT Market.

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