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Crypto Exchange Huobi Released Beta Version Of ‘Huobi Chat’

Crypto exchange Huobi released its beta version of Huobi Chat, on September 26. Huobi Chat is the exchange’s new social media platform. Since its release, Huobi Chat has already invited 1270 users. This new social media platform aspires to be a cryptocurrency social network that can create connections within the crypto community between consumers, teams and investors.

In order to lure users, the Huobi Chat platform offers several features. Some of these include chain-split groups, HCT or Huobi Chat Token. The chain split group feature can help to create subgroups. The Huobi Chat Token feature is an incentive for users in order to attract more users and promote the platform.

Crypto exchange Huobi is seeking to leverage its credibility in the crypto community and build a legitimate social media platform. In its announcement, the exchange specifically referred to the idea of “socializing is mining”. The exchange added that it will be incentivizing their users to use their platform.

The launch of Huobi Chat is on the lines of the ongoing trend where some of the world’s largest companies are social media platforms. One of the most classic examples of exponential growth in the social media sector is the American online social media and networking company, Facebook. It boasts of a market capitalization of over 470 billion dollars, as mentioned in the CryptoGlobe report.

Huobi Chat Features

Crypto exchange Huobi through its new social media platform is aiming to achieve secure transaction, free communication and interconnection and industry-wide communication in the digital asset society. The platform is connecting investors, project teams and consumers based on consensus mechanism and Blockchain encryption technologies. It also provides features such as payment, sharing, market information, barters, games, news, entertainment services and instant messaging communities. The platform is also including third-party content and service providers via its IM platform thereby building the global ecosystem for the blockchain and crypto community, as stated on the Huobi Chat official site.

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